søndag den 29. april 2012

Gæsteindlæg af Scrangie

Som afslutning på vores jubilæumsmåned, har vi et gæsteindlæg af en speciel neglelak blogger. Hun er nok en af de største af slagsen, så vi er ret beærede over, at hun takkede ja til at lave dette indlæg for os. Hvis man ikke allerede kender Scrangie's blog, så burde man skamme sig :D Vi har valgt ikke at oversætte indlægget, så hvis der er noget I ikke forstår (hvilket jeg ikke tror), så sig lige til.



OPI Designer Series Extravagance In honor of having the privilege to be featured as a guest on Negle Nymfer, I wanted to pick a really special polish to show.  I've picked one that's very special to me and one of my most beloved polishes: OPI Designer Series Extravagance.

OPI Designer Series Extravagance, artificial light

When this polish was first released, I wore it all the time.  I couldn't get enough of it.  Every time I put it on my nails, I admired the rich color of it, the rough-looking holographic shimmer, the rainbow hologram effect that appeared in sunlight.  It applied so smoothly and dried so quickly that it soon became my go-to "I'm in a hurry but I want my nails to look good" color, replacing my previous favorite, China Glaze Sexagon.

OPI Designer Series Extravagance, indoors, natural light

One of the things I love the most about Extravagance is that it looks good in every kind of lighting.  That's something I can't say about all holos.  Some holos look dull or frosty when they're not in direct sunlight.  Extravagance sparkles no matter what the lighting conditions are.  I think it looks even better indoors and in cloudy weather because it has such a pretty texture and finish- each piece of hologram shimmer is a different shape and size and you don't really see that bit of detail in bright sunlight.

OPI Designer Series Extravagance, flash

What sets it apart from other holographic polishes is that it is such a rich, deep color but still has that sparkling holographic rainbow.  It's not as strong of a holo effect as others, but it's so much more colorful.  For me, that's the best of both worlds.  Beautiful rich color and beautiful holographic sparkle. 

To me, everything about this polish is perfect.  The smooth, super-fast drying formula, the deep, beautiful purple color, the gorgeous flecks of holographic shimmer... Everything!  Every time I wear it, I think I fall in love with it even more.  It truly is a special polish, and I want to thank Maja and Sussi for allowing me the chance to share it with you.


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Amalie sagde ...

So pretty!!! and i love scrangie, good taste and pretty nails.
i just have to get this one! it is the berry-summer-essential of all if you ask me.
og neglenymfer - genial ide at indrage scrangie;)

Sanne sagde ...

Hi Scrangie, What a beautiful polish! I thought it was impossible to find it anymore, but I rushed to eBay and found it there. I look so much forward to trying it. Love your blog too. :)

Anonym sagde ...

Hvor er denne neglelak købt? Det er nok den pæneste neglelak, jeg nogensinde har set, så jeg vil virkelig gerne købe den! (-:

Negle Nymferne - Maja og Sussi sagde ...

Anonym.. Neglelakken fra opi er en del år gammel, men man kan stadig finde den rundt omkring på nettet. Prøv evt ebay, amazon osv. Du kan være heldig.


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